Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Justice League: D.C's Highly Anticipated Super Team Hits The Big Screen!

One of the most shocking developments in the production of Justice League was director Zack Snyder having to abandon the picture due to family tragedy, with Joss Whedon stepping in to bring the film to completion. This decision might have made fans worry about a seamless creative transition, but the cast recently shared how the two directors' skills complement each other for the film.

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Ozzy Osbourne Announces Farewell World Tour

Ozzy Osbourne has announced his final world tour. The former Black Sabbath frontman will retire from touring following the extensive run.

The run will start next year and continue into 2020, before Ozzy steps back from extensive runs of shows. “People keep asking me when I’m retiring,” Osbourne says in a statement. “This will be my final world tour, but I can’t say I won’t do some shows here and there.”

Ozzy's band will consist of longtime collaborators Zakk Wylde (guitar), Blasko (bass), Tommy Clufetos (drums) & Adam Wakeman (keys). 

While Black Sabbath played their final show earlier this year, just last month Ozzy Osbourne stated that he wouldn’t be retiring.

“People around my age go, ‘I’m 65 now. I’m retired.’ Then they f–king die,” he told Rolling Stone. “My father got a bit of cash from the job he had, did the garden and died. And I’m going, ‘That’s a bit of an anticlimax after working so many years in a factory.’ I ain’t retiring. People still want to see me, so what’s there to retire from?”

Six Women Accuse Filmmaker Brett Ratner of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct!

Hollywood film producer Brett Ratner is being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct by six women — including actress Olivia Munn, according to a bombshell report.

Munn, along with actresses Katharine Towne, Jaime Ray Newman and Natasha Henstridge, each detailed Ratner's alleged inappropriate conduct toward them to the Los Angeles Times in a recent article.

In Munn's account, she described delivering food to Ratner's trailer when she was starting out in L.A. back in 2004.

"He walked out ... with his belly sticking out, no pants on, shrimp cocktail in one hand and he was furiously masturbating in the other," Munn told The Times. "And before I literally could even figure out where to escape or where to look, he ejaculated."

Munn immediately recounted the incident to her sister and tried to pursue legal action but was dissuaded by an attorney.

She also said the reaction of the man who had asked her to deliver the food wasn't a shock or surprise.

"It was just, 'Ugh, sorry about that,'" Munn, 37, recalled.

Marvel's Black Panther Will Be Unlike Any Other Superhero Movie

Is it any wonder the Black Panther cast reacted with pure, infectious joy upon seeing the first footage at SDCC 2017?

Ryan Coogler’s spinoff continues to be one of the most exciting and fresh films on Marvel’s calling card. Largely situated in Wakanda, a beautiful utopia teeming with Vibranium and wonderfully eccentric costumes, this looks to be among the studio’s most self-contained efforts to date, which is no mean feat given it’s arriving just before the super-sized Avengers: Infinity War.

Much of that comes down to Coogler’s direction, as he’ll reteam with Fruitvale Station  cinematographer Rachel Morrison – not to mention Michael B. Jordan as the villainous Killmonger – to bring Wakanda to life. But there’s something else to be excited about, too, and that’s the cultural aspect of Black Panther. Which, according to star Chadwick Boseman, makes it very unique indeed.

"“I will say that Black Panther was unlike any other movie – Marvel movie, superhero movie – that’s ever been done, just because of the cultural aspect,” says the actor. “At some point, it rivaled the culture of Get On Up because of the African influence and music and dance. It was quite a ritual experience, and a rites of passage for a lot of people."

The "Gilmore Girls" Revival Was the Fastest Watched Netflix Series Globally, Which Could Mean More's to Come

Smash hit Netflix shows like House of Cards and 13 Reasons Why may be the streaming service's bread and butter, but nearly a year after its release, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has emerged as the most "binge-raced" Netflix show globally. In other words, more subscribers finished the revival in under 24 hours internationally than any other show the service has produced. Maybe Gilmore Girls fans really do take coffee in an IV.

The record has major implications for the revival, which was evidently very popular. Shows that are consumed with this much voracity not only indicate interest, but are exactly the type of production that will keep bringing in subscribers.

Given this level of success, Netflix will surely be hounding GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino as well as stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel for a second season. It may be a hard sell, however, as Sherman-Palladino has repeatedly confirmed she never imagined anything past the four episodes she wrote.

"We really had a very specific journey in our minds and we fulfilled the journey," she told The Hollywood Reporter after the revival released. "So to us, this is the piece that we wanted to do. And the whole thought about, 'Is there more, is there more, is there more?' — this has to go out into the universe now. We've got to put this to bed, and then whatever happens, happens."

The only GG family member who's given us any hope so far is Graham, who uttered one very brief yet suggestive sentence during an appearance on the Today show:

"The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, don't you think?" Yes. Yes, we do.